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Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Medical Practice

Assisted should be a legal medical practice in the United States. There is a lot of different opinions on this subject but; Is it really a question on if it’s the right thing to do? If a person is truly suffering and has no hope in getting better is it ok to end your on life; yes it is. Assisted Suicide is huge subject in our world right now, there are different types of assisted suicide but today we are going to focus on Physician-assisted suicide. Physician-assisted suicide is the act of a medical doctor who provides a patient with drugs or other means to end one’s life intentionally. Assisted suicide is a humane way that the terminally ill can end there life, to get rid of the dreaded never ending pan, to end their suffering and just†¦show more content†¦In 2006 the case went to the Supreme Court, after many appeals, which the Supreme Court upheld the law. Then in 2008 Washington became the second state to legalize assisted suicide with a sixty percent yes rate. Montana became the last state to pass the Death with Dignity Act in 2010. With three states already with the Death with Dignity Act passed and with the Supreme Court to back it. Massachusetts decided to give the Death with Dignity Act a chance. The 2012 election day, the State of Massachusetts will vote whether or not to approve the â€Å"Death with Dignity Act†, a measure that would make Massachusetts the third state in the country to approve physician assisted suicide? The state has been split politically between the medical community and politically powerful Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has made no secret to its opposition to physician assisted suicide. The right-to-die idea was before the opponents provided a lot of testimony to get lawmakers to abandon the bill and stop endorsing it. With 80,000 signatures the â€Å"Death with Dignity Act† was put on the ballot. With Massachusetts being the national health care they could play a significant role in the developing debate over physician assisted suicide throughout the country. This act was later thrown out to due to a more popular NO vote on it. Oregon and Washington both have similar laws in the Death with Dignity Act. Montana

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Tremaine Neverson Free Essays

â€Å"Success can be a dangerous drug. It definitely changes people and it can take you to another world if you allow it to. † These are famous words form popular singer, songwriter and activist Tremaine Aldon Neverson. We will write a custom essay sample on Tremaine Neverson or any similar topic only for you Order Now Born November 28, 1984, Tremaine is also known as Trey Songz. Searching for himself, he gained a love for music and began singing at the age 14. At the age of 15, he met a producer by the name of Troy Taylor, whom started his skyrocketing success as a singer. In 2003, he released his first album, and then began writing music for other artists. He has five different albums in which he considers to take his fans on five different journeys of his life. From BET to Grammy awards, Trey Songz is more than just an artist. He has used his gift of music as the launching pad to various philanthropic and entrepreneurial endeavors such as the â€Å"Angels with Heart Foundation† and the â€Å"Songz for Peace Foundation. † Through his â€Å"Angels with Heart Foundation,† Trey encourages to give back and to have a positive impact in their community through community service with local charities and random acts of kindness. Through his â€Å"Songz for Peace Foundation† he aims to curb the violence in youth. I admire Trey’s dedication to music. It is something he loves and he always pleases his fans. He is also promoting positive messages through each of his foundations. As an artist, he’s only obligated to deliver music and videos to his fans, but he does so much more for us. I am all for community service and giving back to the community, so just for that I admire him. To find someone who satisfies your taste in music and your taste in activism means a lot to me as a fan and a young adult. In closing, I would like to dedicate this special tribute to Tremaine Neverson on this very special day, Happy Birthday Trey! How to cite Tremaine Neverson, Papers

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Effect of Media Violence Exposure †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Effect of Media Violence Exposure. Answer: Introduction: The revolutionary concept of using electronic media for the purpose of marketing communication is gaining extreme popularity with different genres of business organizations, and adding the extra element of social media has contributed large to the rapid growth that this concept has gained. Despite the charming popularity statistics of this marketing idea, different organizations are still sceptical about using SOME for their marketing mix due to the perceived risks associated with this idea limiting their use. There are various risks associated with the use of social media marketing for a corporate entity given the dynamic nature if customer market, and this is what is perceived as the risky society by the most of the business management authors (Andreassen, Pallese Griffiths, 2017). The use of the new form of electronic form of media are done majorly on the marketing communication for gaining the full amount of the reputation with the organizations and adapting to the use of the so cial media is also enjoying the (SOME) for enjoying the particular form of the rapid form of growth. However, the organizations are been associated with the using of the SOME in the communication of the marketing arena (Utz Breuer, 2017). The individuals tend to explore various forms of effectiveness for the procedural controls and the processes that are done for managing these forms of risks. The results also shows that the organizations perceives the three kinds of the risks that can be avoided in the companies from the increasing the use of the SOME. Corporate organizations applied form of the practical form of the controlling the mechanisms for managing time loss of the risks (Mathews, 2016). The familiarity of the organization with SOME was found for having the strong form of impact on the resources like loos of time and for the other types of the other forms of the factors of the risks. Several researches have reviled that the role of the proactive form of the focus and the c ontrol over the procedures that are been managed for the SOME related risks are very less being anticipated. In a broader form, the social media actually refers to the phone or the application that are based on the internet for engaging themselves in the communication with the other form of people who are across space and the time. The most popular form of the social media are the Facebook and the Twitter which sufficiently serves the purpose for serving the main purpose. The other common forms are the Tumblr and the Reddit that are mostly used for blogging the applications or the websites for allowing the users for interacting with each other that can be identified as the form of social media. The defining form of all the features that the social media provides always enables the large number of the people and the potential form of the strangers for communicating with all the members who have been streamlined. In all other senses, the fact that the social media has completely taken over the interpersonal forms of relationships should not be ignored when discussing the risks associated with social media (Fikkers et al., 2013). However, the sense is very superficial. The truth is that the actual form of the interpersonal relationships that requires the present to the friend of the individuals, that requires one to be able to have a very much face to face of conversations that are been conducted with them without even distracted by competing the demands for getting the attention of the individuals. The users of the social media have also become very much incapable for the current situation. As the people are very much purged with the virtual form of world, they are never actually very present in the actual form of world for the world that the individuals are been living. Physiologically there have been episodes where the individuals are always having a distant relationship with their partners . The social media management has become a very much common form of place for having the hard time that are been live without any concerns. The websites are been intended for connecting the people that are been splitting them up (Trainor et al., 2014). It has been observed that nearly about the cases that involves the elements of the mind that are been mined from the social networking sites. Nowadays it has been a common form in the recent years that everyone around the world has created the tradition of dating in the online forum. In the recent years, it has been seen that the youth is very much comfortable for the use of the online medium for knowing people and also dating. The Tinder and the other sites are there for connecting two people to have a romantic form of relationships (Utz Breuer, 2017). On a recent survey, many individuals have noticed that they have made platonic form of friends and also professional contacts for the through these sites. However, it has also been found that one single mother have also stated that she has expanded her areas of friendship through Tinder. However, many individuals have reported that they have encountered their romantic dalliances with the help of the social networking site especially through twitter. They have also ensured that it is a good form of platform for the like the lively situation in their lives (Fikkers et al., 2013). Therefore, it is very much evident that there are the habit of using of the social media definitely has a myriad of positive form of impact on building the relationships. References Andreassen, C. S., Pallesen, S., Griffiths, M. D. (2017). The relationship between addictive use of social media, narcissism, and self-esteem: Findings from a large national survey.Addictive Behaviors,64, 287-293. Fikkers, K. M., Piotrowski, J. T., Weeda, W. D., Vossen, H. G., Valkenburg, P. M. (2013). Double dose: High family conflict enhances the effect of media violence exposure on adolescents aggression.Societies,3(3), 280-292. Hudson, S., Roth, M. S., Madden, T. J., Hudson, R. (2015). The effects of social media on emotions, brand relationship quality, and word of mouth: An empirical study of music festival attendees. Tourism Management,47, 68-76. Mathews, A. (2016). Media Bias: How Much Does it Hurt or Help the Media-Public Relationship?. Trainor, K. J., Andzulis, J. M., Rapp, A., Agnihotri, R. (2014). Social media technology usage and customer relationship performance: A capabilities-based examination of social CRM.Journal of Business Research,67(6), 1201-1208. Utz, S., Breuer, J. (2017). The Relationship Between Use of Social Network Sites, Online Social Support, and Well-Being.Journal of Media Psychology.

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Genetic Essays (825 words) - Molecular Biology,

Genetic Engineering For many years, man has been advancing his race through technology. Many things through those were questionable and questionable, but none are close to a certain technology today. And that would be genetic engineering. What exactly is genetic engineering? To put it shortly, it is where scientists splice, alter, and manipulate genes of one thing to how the scientist want it, and even insert that gene into a foreign host. This technological tool is too powerful for us to handle. It is advancing faster than we can expect. Because of this fact, genetic engineering raises many moral and ethical issues while also showing signs of many dangers. This controversially technology could be looked at two ways, one religiously and the other, scientifically and economically. First, let's talk a religious point of view on genetic engineering. With the current knowledge we have today in genetic engineering, life can easily be created and manipulated to one's liking. How can one "Play God" by creating and altering life at one's will and not at all feel guilty? Haven't we learned that trying to be on a level as God is a punishable act? Such examples are ones such as the destruction of Babylon. People at that time tried to build a tower high enough to reach God, but it was destroyed, a punishment by God that warned us of what will happen if we tried to get powerful as him. People say that God gave us the knowledge to discover. If this is so, did God give us the knowledge to make the atom bomb so we could wipe out cities and vast lives in an instant? Did God give us the knowledge to make deadly biological weapons to kill each other with? And did God give us the knowledge to be so advance in warfare today that the world could be destroyed in minutes? God did not give us the knowledge to do these things or for genetic engineering. Man ignorantly chooses his own way and chooses to venture out doing things that are wrong. So who are we to decide what sex a baby should be, how it should look, and what skills it might have? These are just few of the many questions raised in a religious point of view. Next, is the scientific and economical view. One goal of genetic engineering is to make products more efficient. Things such as crops and other plants are one of the things that have been experimented on and even released into the environment. This is especially dangerous because scientists are not fully sure of what could go wrong. A genetically altered crop or plant could become dominant and take over all of the its like species and become a problem such as becoming major pests. There have been many cases where non-indigenous plants introduced into a different environment served no use and became major pest problems. But even more dangerous altered plants are genetically altered humans. The functions of all the genes are not known, only these of a very small percentage of the total genes in organisms such as humans. So why would a scientist take a risk, not knowing the full potential dangers it might cause, such as having an effect on other genes? Privacy is another major concern. What if a sing drop of a person's blood could reveal all the faults of that person? When will we wake up in a world where everyone has permanent records of what defect will come up in their lifetime and what other things they are susceptible of getting. What if insurance companies got hold of these records? Could people be refused of health insurance because of these facts? There are many examples where people have been refused of some health care because of genetic screening. Not only that, in a recent poll in Time magazine, a question was asked if a person whose genetic profile shows potential problems pay higher health-insurance rates than someone whose profile does not? Only 8 % answered yes while the majority 88% said no. Obviously even the majority of this nation does not want to be genetically profiled. One recent controversy that has come up is cloning. With some DNA of an organism, scientists are able to make and exact copy of that organism. A sheep and a monkey have already been successfully cloned, and with the current technology, humans could also be cloned. This raises the most ethical and moral issues because many questions would be raised about the clone.

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The Napster Controversy essays

The Napster Controversy essays A year ago, the only people who knew the name Shawn Fanning were his friends, family, and college professors. This year, he's been written about in magazines, appeared on television, and can be recognized by his nickname, "Napster." Fanning created a program that allows users to download software that enables them to search for particular songs, and then, download them to their computers. This program, Napster, has gone under a major controversy that affects many people around the world. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has sued Napster, claiming the website and Fanning's program are assisting the theft of intellectual property. Dave Mathew from the Dave Matthews Band, referring to his bands recent Featured Music Promotion with Napster, stated, "Napster: It is the future, in my opinion. That's the way music is going to be communicated around the world. The most important thing now is to embrace it, and that was the spirit by which we did this co-promotion. Napster is the world's leading file sharing community. In terms of users, the Napster site is the fastest growing in history. Napster claims more than 50 million users (Stepp, 2001). Napster's software application enables users to trace and share media files from one convenient, easy-to-use interface. In addition, it provides media fans a forum to communicate their interests and tastes with one another via instant messaging, chat rooms, and Hot List user bookmarks. Since the beginning of Napster, album sells have increased. So, why are the music industries complaining? (Napster, 2001). Federal appeals court ruled on February 12, 2001, that the music-swapping service Napster must stop trading in copyrighted material and may be held liable for "vicarious copyright infringement." As said by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Napster, must prevent users from gaining access to copyrighted content through its lists of songs archived b...

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In House Payroll or Outsourcing Payroll Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

In House Payroll or Outsourcing Payroll - Essay Example The identifying of two alternatives for pay roll administering was done and the recommendations for picking up one were done according to the needs of the management of NB enterprises. Recommendations were made keeping in view the size of the NB enterprises. The requirements for the option chosen were also mentioned with time bound plan to execute the decision taken. What is Pay roll: Payroll can be termed as a list of employees who receive regular pay from the organization. It is a system through which the employees of an organization are paid. The salary structure, schedules of tax, benefits, allowances, pay frequency and pay dates are the internal parts of the payroll structure If the system is computerized it can be understood as the process that was used by a company to process and pay the salaries of the workers and employees. 1 Identification of two alternatives for maintaining the pay rolls: The pay roll administration can be done in two different ways. First one is to have a payroll Unit in the company which administers over the payments of the employees and prepares the lists regarding the pays and advances. The other method is to outsource all the activities regarding the payments and advances of the employees to company which offers computerised pay roll administration. The outsourcing company renders the needed services as a final output, which depends on the information supplied by the company. According to Vanessa Robinson1 a resourcing adviser, the outsourcing of Pay rolls will give more time to HR personnel to concentrate more on the strategic roles that increase or enhance the performance of the organisation. Some of the advantages are listed as follows: 1. It may reduce costs, but the cost benefit must be analysed by cost effectiveness of other processes. 2. There is a chance to outsource the work to a company having higher expertise in the field of pay roll work. 3. The values of HR can be increased by decreasing the burden of pay roll from the department. The HR department can concentrate more on policy and decision making. 4. The rapid growth in organisation is capable of leaving HR department in a freezing position. This situation can be avoided by outsourcing the pay roll to a payroll bureau. The precautions that should be followed and the disadvantages in outsourcing the pay roll work. 1. The need of outsourcing must be identified accurately. The functions that are suitable for outsourcing differ from company to company. 2. The foremost thing is estimating the cost effectiveness of the outsourcing. If it is not cost effective, it is better to rethink about it. 3. Along with pay roll, some other services like tax effectiveness also must be outsourced in case of outsourcing of pay roll. 4. The level up to which the service has to be outsourced must be estimated accurately. 5. The information supplied to the company to which we outsource the work must be accurate to ensure that the output will be correct. 6. The cost of the service and the time for the services are offered for that price should also be mentioned in the pact. 7. The time allotted to the outsourcing process should be significant to avoid the negligence of staff/manager relationships. Disadvantages of outsourcing the pay roll The details of expenditure on salary and tax encumbrances will be revealed to others. The policy decisions that are taken to avoid tax restrictions on pay rolls must be conveyed to the company. Though the process